Timber Sale Administration

For a forest landowner, a timber sale is often the biggest step in managing a forest.  If handled correctly, a timber sale can help a forest landowner meet their goals and objectives for the property, but if handled poorly it could leave a lingering effect for many years.  Some of the benefits that result from a well handled timber sale include income from the product being sold, enhancement of wildlife habitat, other recreational opportunities such as hiking/biking trails, as well as many others.

Marketing timber and determining harvesting strategies is a very complex and time consuming process.  Many landowners don’t have the time or expertise to ensure this is done correctly and that their best interests are taken into account. That’s where Arbor Springs Forestry can help.  Our professional guidance ensures that the landowner’s goals are met as well as that the product being sold is marketed for the highest possible price.

When hiring Arbor Springs Forestry for Timber Sale Administration services we will provide the following:

  • Landowner Consultation: Determine landowner goals and objectives:  Each landowner has different goals and objectives for their forest.  Some of these objectives may include investment, wildlife, aesthetics, or recreation.
  • Site Visit:  Locate the property and timber and advise the landowner of the feasibility of a timber sale.
  • Harvest recommendations:  Based on goals and objectives determine the best possible harvesting technique(s).
  • Timber Marking:  Mark the individual trees or groups of trees to be harvested with a spot of paint at breast height and below stump.
  • Volume Estimate:  Estimate volume and advise landowner of the estimated fair market value of the marked trees.
  • Bid Prospectus Preparation:  Invite timber buyers to look at the product for sale.  Anywhere from 30-80 invitations will be sent to prospective buyers.
  • Conduct Sealed Bid:  All bids will be opened at one time in one location.
  • Development of Sale Contract:  All timber sale contracts will require buyers to have certificate of insurance and provide a performance bond.  On Lump Sum Sales, landowner will receive full payment for product on contract signing.
  • Pre-harvest Meeting with Buyer:  A meeting with buyer and/or logger will take place on site before harvesting operations begin.  Skid trail, log roads, and landing areas will be discussed.
  • Logging Inspections:  Logging inspections will be provided throughout the sale to ensure no contract violations are taking place.
  • Close of Sale:  After a final inspection is made and all contract terms are met the sale will be closed out.