Timber Inventory & Appraisals

A Timber Appraisal provides a forest landowner with an estimate of what their timber Timber Inventory Assessmentis worth at the present time and present market conditions.  Getting an inventory/appraisal of your timber is important for many reasons:

  • Forest Management Planning:  You need to know what you have to manage.
  • Determining a tax basis:   Timber is usually a very important part of your tax basis when owning timber or farm land.
  • Buying or Selling Land:  You want to make sure you don’t overpay for timber land if you are buying.  If you are selling you want to make sure you don’t under-sell.  A timber appraisal is always a good idea before a land transaction.
  • Estate Settlement:  A timber appraisal may be necessary to determine the value of an estate when the owner passes away.  An appraisal could also give the new owner(s) a cost basis for future decisions, determine how the property will be divided between Timber Appraisalheirs, and help in evaluating the estate taxes.

There are other reasons for getting a Timber Inventory/Appraisal.  It may be to determine if you want to sell timber or not, or you are just curious to know what your timber is worth. We handle Timber Inventories/Appraisals based on your needs.  If you think you may need a Timber Inventory/Appraisal please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.