Forest Management and Planning

(Ask about Greenbelt Plan, Tree Farm Plan, and TN Forest Stewardship Plan)

Like anything that you want to be successful at it starts with a solid plan.  Forest management is no different.  Forest Management - Robertson County TimberA forest management plan is a guide to help you achieve your goals and objectives for your forestland.  When obtaining a forest management plan from Arbor Springs Forestry you will receive the necessary information to make informed decisions to reach those goals and objectives.

A typical forest management plan from Arbor Springs Forestry includes, but is not limited to the following information:

  • Landowner goals and objectives:  This is the most important part of a management plan.  The entire plan will be based on these objectives.  Some broad management objectives may be periodic revenue from timber production, enhancing wildlife habitat, protecting water quality, and visual aesthetics.  More specific objectives for each resource will be outlined.
  • Property location and History: A management history of the property will be stated in a management plan.  How the forest resources were managed in the past may play an important role in how they are managed now.  In a management plan you will receive state-of-the-art GSI maps that include a topography map, aerial photo, and soil map.  Maps are a very important part of your management plan.
  • Resource Assessment:  A detailed assessment can be performed on your forest resources in a management plan.  This may include information such as forest type, stand type, wildlife uses, historical sites, special sites, etc.  Resource assessment is normally derived from an inventory.
  • Management Recommendations:  Based on the resource assessment and your specific objectives, management recommendations can be made for your entire property or portions of the property.  Management recommendation may be immediate or long-term.  An example of a management recommendation would be to perform a shelterwood harvest on 25 acres on the North slope to enhance oak regeneration while providing cover for white-tail deer.
  • Activity Schedule/Log:  With a forest management plan a schedule of activities will be included with the management recommendations.  This will give details on when and where on the property the activities will occur.  Information on each activity will also be kept after the activity is completed.

If you would like to find out more about Forest Management Planning please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your needs and tell you more about management plans.